2 thoughts on “Mattresses: Cutting through marketing hype”

  1. And then we can contemplate the obscene amount of chemicals that are added to each and every matterss (don’t even get me started about crib mattresses). It’s like sleeping in an embalming chamber. I fear new mattresses. But I’m sometimes hyper-paranoid about things.
    My advice — find a clean, used, already-outgassed mattress and buy that. Or let a new one sit for at least 6 months in a well ventilated area.

  2. Yeah, sometimes you are a little over-paranoid 🙂 I think I’d go more for the latter. Buying a used mattress just sounds a bit icky – I wish I could remember where I’d read it, but I read an interesting piece one time about what you should buy used and what you should buy new – and the reasons not to buy a used mattress were pretty convincing.
    Good point though about all the chemicals, but I would say that if you get a new one and let it air out/offgas a while, you should be fine – and then the only funk in there can be your own.


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