New Jefferson St. Grill – Formerly Jake’s Place

Jodie and the girls are having a stitch n’ bitch at the house tonight, so I’m thinking of hitting the town with the lads. Perhaps we ought to check out this revamped pub/restaurant, and see if it’s up to scratch: Link: Remodeled pub keeps neighborhood charm on tap – The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA. The … Read more

Musicians honored at symphony performance

The concert was wonderful, the commemoration fitting. The article says the rest of what needs to be said: Link: Musicians honored at symphony performance – The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA. Two orchestra chairs sat empty when the music began Thursday night at the Eugene Symphony’s sold-out Hult Center concert with Sir James Galway.

Eugene Symphony – Galway Plays Mozart – February 15, 8pm

"To honor orchestra members Kjersten Oquist and Angela Svendsen, the symphony will perform its regularly scheduled concert Thursday evening." The Eugene Symphony, and Eugene as a whole, lost 2 members Sunday, in a terrible car accident that I won’t discuss yet because it makes me quake with rage. This week’s concert, with special guest Sir … Read more

Yarn Harlot: Love is all you need

The Yarn Harlot is a wise (and funny) woman. Jodie sent me this post, which matches my sentiments exactly. I dig romance. It has its moments. But it matters far more to me that Jodie and I support each other, and share the housework, and aren’t just always gah-gah-gagging lovey-dovey at each other (though there’s … Read more

How does IKEA name its furniture?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wondered how IKEA comes up with the names for its merchandise. With an IKEA set to open in Portland in spring 2007, it was time to find out: Link: Transblawg: Where IKEA gets the names. Thus bathroom items are named after Scandinavian lakes, rivers and bays; sets … Read more

Plans for a funky wood shed

The Ten Dollar Wood Shed. As we get used to being woodburners, we’re also looking at where outside we want to store our seasoned and seasoning wood. I don’t know if we’ll go for this design, but at the list this "ten dollar wood shed" is food for thought. Link: Plans for a funky wood … Read more

The Sushi FAQ – The Definitive Guide to Sushi and Sashimi

From the basics of what sushi is, to how you can make it at home. Got a sushi question? You’ll find the answer here: Link: The Sushi FAQ – The Definitive Guide to Sushi and Sashimi – The Sushi and Sashimi Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page.

Your woodpile pal, the hobo spider

Not to be confused with the brown recluse spider, which doesn’t live in the Northwest. I’ll spare you the details of  bites that look like a target, and necrotic tissue, and the headaches that last for weeks, and the  wee bite that becomes a monstrous crater that takes forever to heal. Instead, just check out … Read more

Jim Malcolm, former Old Bling Dogs lead singer, giving house concert in Eugene

JIM MALCOLM will be doing a house concert in Eugene on Feb. 11. Jim was the lead singer of the Scottish band Old Blind Dogs and is now focusing on his solo singer-songwriter music.  He won the Scots Trad Music Award in 2004 and has been described as "Undeniably stunning" and "Among the finest singing … Read more

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