Plans for a funky wood shed

4 thoughts on “Plans for a funky wood shed”

  1. I’ve built that kind of shed before. It’s super easy — it took about 4 of us maybe two hours to build it? Perhaps a touch more, but it wasn’t difficult. I’d definitely recommend it 🙂
    at my parent’s house, the fence line makes a little indentation of the yard next to the house (does that make any sense? the fence line is such that there is an area that is bounded on three sides, with one side being the house). anyway, my dad used that area as our woodshed and just popped a roof on it. even easier than building a freestanding shed!

  2. yeah, it looks pretty simple. We’re looking, space-wise, at an area beside the house. It’d have easy access to a front gate, as well as easy access to get around to the patio door where the wood stove is.

  3. You may want to reconsider placing the shed next to the house. Depending on where you live, the stored wood will attract small critters – right next to your house. Also, I live in the west and fire is a major concern. You are just adding more fuel by placing it next to your house. Just for consideration – your situation may be completely different.

  4. Thanks Greg, good stuff to keep in mind. We’re in the west too, but we’re also in-town, so I’m not too worried about fire.
    The shed wouldn’t be right up against the side of the house. There’s a strip of side yard next to the garage where the current wood pile is. We could technically put it in the back of the yard, but we also want to use that space for gardening.
    What I’m kicking around, is putting the wood shed along that. That way it’s not right on the side of the house, but it’s also easily accessible from the front of the house, where we’d be getting cords dumped. There’d also still be sufficient room for splitting.


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