How does IKEA name its furniture?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wondered how IKEA comes up with the names for its merchandise. With an IKEA set to open in Portland in spring 2007, it was time to find out:

Link: Transblawg: Where IKEA gets the names.

Thus bathroom items are named after Scandinavian lakes, rivers and bays; sets of bookcases after occupations; dining tables and chairs after Finnish placenames; carpets after Danish placenames; and much more. There’s a long list on the second page.

3 thoughts on “How does IKEA name its furniture?”

  1. You and me both. But it figure that a company that attentive to detail wasn’t going to let things go slack on the names. Not that anyone outside of scandinavia can remember what they are. I love IKEA, but I can’t recall what in blazes any of our stuff from there is named. I just know that we have a really nice dresser boxed up in the garage, and eventually we’ll get to put the bloody thing together.

  2. Yeah, some of the IKEA names crack me up and I remember a few of them because they are so delightful. I have a fetching little corner shelf named “RONSKAR” and the bathroom shelf I fondly refer to as “FJUS” (a say “f-juice”)Cunning little furniture.


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