Yarn Harlot: Love is all you need

The Yarn Harlot is a wise (and funny) woman. Jodie sent me this post, which matches my sentiments exactly. I dig romance. It has its moments. But it matters far more to me that Jodie and I support each other, and share the housework, and aren’t just always gah-gah-gagging lovey-dovey at each other (though there’s plenty of that too). Love isn’t some sappy, pink idiocy. Love is tough. Love is honest. Love is dirty jobs and chores, just as love is back rubs, lovemaking, kissing, dark chocolate and waking up next to each other. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Link: Yarn Harlot: Love is all you need.

I wholeheartedly agree with love. Especially love of family, love of friends and love of ethics and fairness, but on careful reflection it seems to me that romantic love, given completely free rein and allowed to run wild through civilization, has been responsible for more poor decision making, wars, kidnapping, obsession, suicide, low self-esteem and generalized rack and ruin than any other human emotion in the whole world…and this belief has led me to a significant level of caution around the sort of love that Valentines day sells wholesale

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