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Fresh from the Antsaint inbox:


I feel strangely proud of this. As Jodie pointed out when she read it, "Your blog must be doing well if someone hates you."

Now, I’ll get to the sagacious comments of Jared in a moment. But I will say, that I know my blog isn’t, well, all that great. The design needs some sprucing up. I could be a lot better about a lot of the content. And those things — have a "someday" attached to them. But for now, I’m blogging as I wish.

I’m also very curious. And grinning. This email has had me grinning all day. See, it could be that I just rubbed someone so much the wrong way, that they just had to tell me. Or… it could be that they’re ripping the mickey out of me, to see what I’ll do. Or maybe it’s a sort of piss-ripping weird guy respect thing. I don’t know. Hell, it could even be my cousin Jared from Virginia (I haven’t seen him in years, so you never know — is that you, cuz?) No matter what, I’m curious.

Enough blather; it just makes my site suck more. On to Jared’s email:

"I chanced upon your site via google while looking for a pork chop marinade recipe. After a quick look around I quickly deduced that 1) you are one ugly sob AND 2) your site sucks (hence the snappy e-mail title.)

I’m writing this e-mail to make a public plea that you remove your site indefinitely for the good of the Internet at large. Unfortunately I have no personal resources to see to this myself but hopefully you will see it in your heart to do what’s right.
Thank you,

No, Jared, thank you. Your email has been the source of much mirth today. I hope you at least found a good pork chop marinade recipe. By the way, congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and I hope the dogs are well. Write back anytime, and please let me know how the site could be improved (though I’m afraid it will keep going).

Thanks for the email, and hopefully my site won’t suck so much in the future.

11 thoughts on “your site sucks.”

  1. It’s not that bad; i’ve seen worse, and my own sites are sadly lacking (a full time job as a system administrator means that my leisure time occurs away from the keyboard and screen).
    I subscribed to your feed the last time I searched technorati for Eugene, and I’ve enjoyed a couple of your postings about woodstoves; although I will admit that it’s in the folder that gets the ‘mark all as read’ treatment if I’m more than slightly busy.
    So your efforts have not gone completely unappreciated. Do continue.

  2. What a terrific guy! It might be a bit frightening to see what Jared thought DIDN’T suck. Whatever Jared… You don’t like it? Why spend so much time hating it? Keep clicking.
    Some of us do like it.

  3. I feel I need to come to my defense here or better yet to explain why I’m justified in my analysis. For one thing, let’s get the business of the SOB thing cleared up right away.
    I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that it took about fifty takes to get that soulful and benevolent “I just farted and I’m trying not laugh” look. We all know it, you just think we don’t know it. The whole thing is ripe with unnecessary effort and an easy way to sum that up is to call you an ugly SOB. As the saying goes: short, sweet, and to the point. (Get rid of this photo and replace it with a night shot of you doing beer bong wearing one of those t-shirts that looks like a bikini top.)
    After you’ve been acclimated to this photo (and this takes more time than one might think) you’re then bombarded by everything “Anthony.” Do we care that Anthony likes to use and Introvert Advantage? Probably not, in fact it signals at the obnoxious background radiation of consumer culture that asks you to define yourself through your choice in goods. Please drop this space burglar.
    Moving on to the ads. Are they just there to lend some legitimacy to your site because I’m quite sure they aren’t generating money for you. If your adoring fans are so easily manipulated by flashing red and white banners for then that speaks poorly for them and you. Please lose them.
    I’ll wrap this up by saying that I’m equally unimpressed by the choice in topics. This might be because I’m not exactly looking to build a “funky wood shed” but then again I think that I may not be alone there. I’ve never considered how Ikea names its furniture either but hey I guess nothing would be funkier than a wood shed gussied up in Ikea. Please make your topics more interesting.
    I hope this better clarifies my position and acts as some kind of positive catalyst in bringing about a new and improved site seeing as despite my plea you’ve decided to clutch on this site like grim death.
    Have a wonderful day,

  4. *** Larry – thanks for the candor. I think you and I are in a pretty similar boat.
    This is a hobby site for me; I’m more concerned with life offline than online (especially since I do online stuff for a living). I’d have my site in the same folder you do, mainly because the subject matter varies so much.
    Now and again I might try something out, but mainly I’m concerned with posting regularly, and about the miscellany of stuff that interests me or catches my eye. The way I figure it, if I looked something up, it may be of interest to someone else, and hopefully Antsaint helps them find what they need a little more easily.

  5. I think that you’re one gentle nudge away from my team, Anthony. There’s a method to the madness of the antagonization of complacency. Thanks for your well wishes on my wedding … and the dogs are doing fine.

  6. Jared, thanks for the details. I’m honored that Antsaint has its first troll. I agree with you on some things, but not on others.
    The photo – it stays for now, but you know, I actually don’t even remember it. That was taken either the day my friends Sam and Taylor got married, or the day after (which would definitely explain why I don’t remember it). Either way, I think our friend Jon, the photographer, just snapped a shot and moved on. It was probably a couple of weeks later that I was setting Antsaint up, and he sent it to me when I mentioned I was looking for a pic to put up. But you never know though, I may well have been farting up a storm at the time.
    As for the beerbong and weird top, sorry to disappoint. I’m rather boring, but I believe you’re already figured that out.
    Consumer culture? Wasn’t aware that a dictionary symbolized consumer culture. Odd example. Take it as you will, but I post things I use. If other people find it interesting or useful, great. If not, keep on clicking.
    The links do need some cleaning up and re-org though, I’ll agree with you there. My link lists aren’t perfect, but I do like the way they are, as opposed to blogrolls that are just alphabetized lists, hundreds of links long, with no context whatsoever. Is that really useful? Maybe it is, and I don’t grasp how, but it doesn’t do much for me, so I did something different.
    The banners may go away at some point; I haven’t checked them in a while, and wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t making much. I’ll get around to it when other things I care more about have been tended to.
    As to my topics, I’ll make them what I wish, because it’s my site and I pay the bills for it. If you don’t like it, move on. If you find something of use, great. Could I do a better job of writing up posts around how I put some of this stuff to use (e.g., the wood shed I build, that will probably be based in part off that “funky wood shed” post)? Yes, I could. Again, it’s in the “someday” file.
    Thanks for taking the time. I appreciate your feedback.

  7. Jared – no worries. And seriously, the feedback is much appreciated. A lot of it does reflect my own thoughts. But there are a lot of other things to do in life – as I’m sure you’re familiar – and while I have ideas and plans for Antsaint, now isn’t the time for them to get done.
    I have a hunch that you and I would get on brilliantly in person. If you’re ever out this way, give me a shout and let’s grab a pint.

  8. PS
    Its your interests that I find interesting…the technical stuff can be quibbled to death…
    anyway, who really wants to be all things to all people?

  9. Thanks! That’s pretty much what I set it up for. There’s always stuff I’m looking into — so if someone else is looking into it, then hopefully this helps. Besides, it’s just fun to do, and I wind up in all sorts of interesting discussions (like this one).


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