Month: March 2007

Jack and Luzimar’s 2006 Ural Tourist

Ural sidecar motorcycles have caught my imagination of late (well, for a couple of months now), but this is the first page I’ve seen with such an extensive breakdown and review of a Ural Tourist sidecar rig: Link: Jack and Luzimar’s 2006 Ural Tourist. after waiting for the Ural to evolve these past few years, … Read More

The Dilbert Blog Roundup – Some favorite posts

The Dilbert Blog: The Meaning of Meaning The Dilbert Blog: Happiness Formula The Dilbert Blog: Top Ten Things I Worry About The Dilbert Blog: Bill Gates for President And, far and away my favorite: The Dilbert Blog: Disturbing Developments[note: about the discovery a while back that female chimps were making spears to go hunt cute … Read More

How passwords get cracked

One of the coolest posts I’ve seen in a while (and with nearly 750 saved in my Bloglines I should know). How secure is your password? Find out here: Link: How passwords get cracked – Lifehacker. "This is eye-opening stuff, even for users who know better than to use "1234" as their password. Thankfully, the … Read More

Brother HL-5250DN Laser Printer

Jodie and I have been wanting a new printer for a while. Our requirements? Inexpensive, durable, fast… and laser. No inkjets allowed in this house. I hate inkjet printers, and consider them one of the most ingenius and insidious consumer rackets ever created by the tech industry. Inkjets prey on getting people in for cheap … Read More

TripCheck – Road Cams, Road & Weather Conditions in Oregon – ODOT

Going on a roadtrip in Oregon, during inclement weather months (pretty much October thru, oh, I don’t know, September)? Then be sure to check TripCheck, from the Oregon Department of Transportation, for road conditions, closures, if you need chains, etc.: Link: TripCheck – Road Cams, Road & Weather Conditions in Oregon – ODOT.

Motorcycle Reading Round-up

Some posts of interest from the WhyBike? Motorcycle Blog: Mailbag: Uninsured motorist coverage: Do you need it? | WhyBike? Motorcycle Blog The GomiCycle Electric Motorcycle | WhyBike? Motorcycle Blog Mailbag: Ethanol in your motorcycle | WhyBike? Motorcycle Blog What your gear choices say about you | WhyBike? Motorcycle Blog

Spring a good time to get your financial house in order

From cleaning out papers to saving the right documents for tax purposes, to checking up on your investments and your credit report, here’s a good breakdown of some financial spring cleaning: Link: Spring a good time to get your financial house in order – The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA.

Spring Seedswap – Sat. Mar. 24, 10a.m.-2p.m.

Have an interest in gardening, and would like some seeds? Have some seeds you’d like to get rid of? The Eugene Permaculture Guild is holding their 8th Annual Bioregional Spring Seedswap today, Mar. 24, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The seed swap is being held at the Many Nations Longhouse, on 1630 Columbia St. … Read More

The info packrat shudders at his saved blogs

I am a Bloglines packrat. I am an info packrat. Period. But having 750 posts saved in Bloglines — because I’m going to come back to them, you know — just makes me shudder.Here are some ideas I’m kicking around to deal with this: Just delete everything. This, of course, is the kill ’em all … Read More

Jonathan Clements: Nickel-and-Diming Your Way to Riches

The gamut of checking accounts, savings accounts, money market funds, CDs and all that has been in my head a lot the past couple of months. I’m pretty traditional — checking account and savings account. But maybe it’s time to do something different — and earn a bit more interest in the process: Link: AllFinancialMatters … Read More

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