The Dilbert Blog Roundup – Some favorite posts

And, far and away my favorite:

The Dilbert Blog: Disturbing Developments
[note: about the discovery a while back that female chimps were making spears to go hunt cute wee tree-napping primates called bushbabies. I’m filing this where I can quickly grab it the next time some Eugene hippie starts ranting about the perfect passive harmony of Mama Nature and how only humans are violent]

2 thoughts on “The Dilbert Blog Roundup – Some favorite posts”

  1. Good to hear from another Scott Adams fan.
    I’ve often thought that those newly arrived to Eugene could benefit from a glossary of common terms and their meaning. Sort of an extension of Ambrose Bierce’s classic work.
    for example
    Activist: Someone who makes a pest of themselves, often found in the company of their pet peeve.

  2. Gads, Larry, that’s an awesome idea.
    I remember a friend of mine cracking up over all “cafe revolutionaries” here – maybe all that soy and caffeine gives some folks delusions of ideological purity…


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