Arm signals: A handy new tool for crosswalk safety?

One of the oddities of Oregon is that anytime a pedestrian is at a street corner, that corner mysteriously and invisibly transforms into a crosswalk. But how is a driver or cyclist to know that a person at a corner is about to cross the street, or biding their time, or just looking up the … Read more

Free PDF Converter for Windows – doPDF

Have Windows, want to save documents as a PDF, but don’t want to shell out for Adobe Acrobat? The Free PDF Converter – doPDF (as heard about on CopCast) is your answer. It’s free for personal and commercial use. Check out the doPDF website for full details and quick download. And before the [other] snarky … Read more

Beer tax raise tastes bitter to opponents

Lovely — a tax increase on beer. Potentially damaging to one of Oregon’s healthiest, most innovative industries. This tax feels punitive — what else could it be, asking for funds from the beer industry to alcohol rehab? From what I’ve seen so far, I’m opposed to this tax, especially in its current form. With the … Read more

April at Iraila Mediterranean Restaurant

There are some great – and tasty – happenings at Iraila Mediterranean Rustica Restaurant over the next few weeks: Get your tickets now at the hult center for Chef’s Night Out – on April 25th. This is Food for Lane County’s biggest fundraiser – 50 of the areas’ food and beverage folks will offer tastes!! … Read more

Marketing Profs Round-up

Marketing Challenge: Two Ways to Engage Prospects Online | Marketing Profs "Hype or not, the thoughts and ideas behind Web 2.0 contain the meat of the message. The Web is no longer static and one-way. Instead, visitors play a role. Users participate and connect to each other through services as opposed to Web sites." Humor … Read more

Yogurt & Horseradish Dipping Sauce

Spring means Northwest produce starts kicking into high gear. In our latest Good Food Easy produce delivery, we drooled over a bag of the season’s first (for us) sugar snap peas. We eat these raw — because, well, why would you eat them any other way? But we also love having something to dip them … Read more

Home Depot to Give Away Compact Fluorescent Bulbs this Sunday ∞ Get Rich Slowly

When Jodie and I got the house, one of the first things we did was replace every standard incandescent bulb with full-spectrum compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. Full-spectrum bulbs are similar to sunlight, quite helpful during our notorious gray rainy winters. And also quite helpful to the electric bill. Whatever qualms you may have about compact … Read more

Eugene Symphony tonight

It’s symphony night in Eugene! Thur., Apr. 19, 8 p.m. at downtown Eugene’s Hult Center. Conductor Giancarlo Guerrero leads the Eugene Symphony and guest musician Alisa Weilerstein, Cello: Part–Fratres Haydn–Cello Concerto No. 2 Adams–Harmonielehre Also, be sure to check out the Eugene Symphony’s simplified website — prettier to the eyes, faster to load, and easier … Read more