CSS Rounded Corners… Worth the bother?

I’m not a big fan of Web 2.0, but it still pays to at least look into the techniques surrounded by the hype. I’m not an early adopter by any means, but now that rounded corners are pretty widespread, it was time to check it out.

Conclusion: They’re bollocks. Yes, they’re nifty. Yes, there’s lots of neat CSS hacks tricks you can pull. Sure, you can bust out Javascript and make them work.

But why bother? At the end of the day, they’re just hacks and neat tricks.

  1. Slicing content blocks into heaps of divs just for a visual effect of rounded corners is no better than slicing images or nesting tables.
  2. Of all the reasons someone may not want to use your site, the angle or roundness of your corners probably doesn’t make the top 1,000,000 reasons.

Still, it’s a technique worth checking out — especially in hopes that a more sensible, less hack/javascript-dependent version comes about. As for me though, I’ll stick to regular old corners… but there may be the odd round one thrown in, for good measure.

2 thoughts on “CSS Rounded Corners… Worth the bother?”

  1. Before you dismiss rounded corners out of hand you should understand some history and some of the reasons why they are so popular.
    Once you’ve got that, it becomes another element of your design vocabulary and the problem becomes, how do you use them tastefully, in ways that enhance communication, rather than just blindly copying fashion.
    Blech. Apparently typepad hates hyperlinks.
    http://www.folklore.org/StoryView.py?project=Macintosh&story=Round_Rects_Are_Everywhere.txt some history http://www.basement.org/archives/2005/11/why_do_we_love_rounded_corners.html they are so popular

  2. Fair enough – interesting history. Rounded corners themselves, I’m okay with. But the current implementations to do them in web design? That’s what I dislike. Having to set up some javascript just to get a slight visual effect seems ridiculous to me, as does setting up div tags that do nothing but contain a wee background image.


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