Design change

Long overdue and not quite done, but it’s a start.

  • Minor typeface/link changes
  • Background and color changes — no more white backgrounds
  • Jodie and I have plans for a new header, but that will be a way’s off

At the least, this is hopefully a bit easier on the eyes. Down the road (design-wise, anyway; content is a different kettle o’ fish)…

  • Revamped categories
  • Revamped blogrolls
  • New picture?
  • And who knows what else…

Feedback always appreciated.

16 thoughts on “Design change”

  1. I’m honestly not so sure about this color scheme. Actually, no, check that — I really don’t like the color scheme. Have every box a different color is really weird, and the color choices are honestly a bit strange.
    That’s my blatant honesty for the day.

  2. Thanks! Though being as I’m a bit strange, it does make sense 🙂
    I tweaked the box colors a little – made the main content background a slightly lighter shade of gray (#efefef, if you’re hexa-decimally interested), and set the two sidebars to the same (#fff8dc).
    The header is the half-arsed part, I know. Ultimately there’s going to be a graphical header there, the only trouble being that I suck at graphics, so it will depend on when Jodie can help me 🙂
    Did those tweaks help any?
    Mainly, I just don’t like having white backgrounds anymore. But I’m also swayable; it felt time to do something different, and that can be stay in flux as long as need be.

  3. having the sidebars the same color really helps, actually.
    I used to do an adjustable width page (I forget the typepad name for it) so that my blog would fill the page. Did look a bit strange on some pages, tho, and it looks strange with a specialized header, which is why I went with fixed column widths.
    I’m ready for a change myself, but I just haven’t had the energy to do much with my blog other than make posts.

  4. Cool, I thought that might help. The different colors was one of those “seemed like a good idea at the time” things.
    I vary with my opinion of fluid sites. For blogs it can work, but only if the header is done right and there are some good limits set on the width of the columns – too wide for anything that someone is to read, and they’re just not going to read it.
    Now to try to figure out that header…

  5. getting better. I like these colors more 🙂
    I still don’t like the general background color — seems clashy. Is there any way you can do a darker version of the sidebar color for the background?

  6. Well I’ve missed all the intemittent changes, but don’t mind the green. Quite Ant-ny – and matches your shirt ;)… I thought you might’ve dabbled with some nice other earthy tones, browns with greens, etc…
    Whole site looks a lot cleaner/less cluttered?
    But really, shouldn’t you have checked with the omniscient Jared before making such changes?

  7. I mean the blue surrounding the content area. It’s alright, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.
    I’m sorry to be so picky about the color choices on your blog. I think it’s really getting better, and I’m excited to see what kind of header you ultimately come up with.

  8. Leah – what are you apologizing for? I really appreciate the feedback, it’s helping this look a little snazzier. Besides, I’m sure the header will needs tweaking too – what would I do without my 8 readers?
    Ging – glad you’re liking it. Haven’t heard from Jared yet, but he may be preparing a detailed critique 🙂
    I’m really undecided about all the links I stripped down – glad I did, actually, it was pretty cluttered, and some of the sites were ones I don’t read much anymore. Will have to see what ideas pop up…

  9. Dig the new design. The type face jumps out more. As for css design tips – I’m a big fan of when trying to figure out color strategies – not that you need it – but others might find the link useful as I have.

  10. Writing a stylesheet, I can handle that. But I’m clueless when it comes to color schemes. Thanks much for the link – after all, if you can’t do it yourself, find a website that tells you how!

  11. Holy crap, Matt. I just went there – and the first theme I see – sandy stone beach ocean – is pretty damn close to some of the colors I’ve kicked around for Antsaint. That’s almost eerie.


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