Heloise’s household hint – get a Ural sidecar motorcycle

People around the country are familar with the tips from newspaper columnist Heloise. But you may not know that she is also the proud owner of a Ural sidecar motorcycle (a camo Gear-Up, to be exact):

Link: Heloise – Columnist spin-cycles through KC [Kansas City].

Well, it’s not every day you find yourself zipping around downtown Kansas City in the sidecar of a camouflage-green Russian motorcycle driven by a celebrity with one name.
Sorry to disappoint you, Fabio fans, but we’re talking Heloise here. Heloise, queen of household hints.

2 thoughts on “Heloise’s household hint – get a Ural sidecar motorcycle”

  1. Isn’t that awesome? It was cool enough that she and her husband love motorcycles, but seeing a photo of her cruising around in her camo Gear-up was just great.
    Now she and Dear Abby need to make a “Cruising Columnists” hack club 🙂


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