How to sharpen an ax

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  1. Also, there’s Option B: although spendy, buy a chainsaw. Chop through the wood in no time, and, if you keep it hanging from your front porch, it keeps the neighborhood kids off your lawn. (Maybe even put a little ketchup on the blade for extra effect.)

  2. Matthew, as I recall, a chainsaw is useful for creating smaller pieces out of large logs, but it is not useful for splitting wood. If I’m not mistaken, Ant here needs to split his wood into managable slices of log.
    St. Clair, would you have imagined two years ago that posts like this would one day grace your blog?
    Also, if you only have one axe and don’t use it daily, do you really grind it yourself? Isn’t it more economical to pay a shop to grind your ax?

  3. Matt – Nah, I’ll pass 🙂 If I start getting into processing larger rounds, then I may get a wee electric chainsaw to saw the rounds into splitting length (around 16″)
    As for the kids, nah – we’ve got some cool kids in the neighborhood. Besides, I don’t think Jodie’s students would like it.
    Leah – two years ago? Hell, even one year ago I’d hardly of thought I’d be blogging this sort of stuff. But it’s great fun.
    As for the grinding, that’s not so much my concern. I wouldn’t mind learning to sharpen it with a stone, or give it a quick touch up, say, before getting on with a bit of splitting. Plus, Sam loaned me his ax so I could get the feel of it, and I was hoping to touch up the edge before I gave it back.
    So it’s up in the air. I’d like to learn how to sharpen it, just so I know and can do it – but I also know I can just truck it down to Excalibur and have them sharpen it up for a couple of bucks.

  4. Okay, so I misread the title as ‘how to sharpen an ex’…
    Boy did that make me chuckle…
    What one could do with a sharpened ax to an ex might be a whole ‘nother post…


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