Mia & Pia Red Ale

I’m a big fan of red ales. They tend to have more flavor than brown ales, while not being too bitter or too hoppy or too strong. They are, perhaps, some of the most balanced beers available.

So at the Bier Stein this evening, I was quite chuffed to get a pint of the Mia & Pia Red Ale (also Monday’s beer of the day, at $3 a pint). Superb, rich color, and a slightly bitter, well-malted taste. I’m amazed I managed to have just one.

But perhaps you can make up for that.

2 thoughts on “Mia & Pia Red Ale”

  1. Turned out good! The batch we did for Jodie’s birthday – a Belgian white, a Hoegaarden clone – turned out especially good. Nice and crisp, clean-tasting – very similar to Hoegaarden… we called it “Jogaarden”, actually.


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