Month: April 2007

Considering extra mortgage payments?

Our house has a fixed mortgage, and one of the reasons I went with that instead of an ARM was the greater flexibility in paying it off early. There are a bunch of options I’m kicking around currently, including… Sock some money away monthly in a savings account, CD or money market fund, let it … Read More

To do this Saturday: Eugene Weekly Calendar : 4.12.07

Go out in the rain, or don’t go out at all! Wondering what to do today? No matter the weather, there’s plenty going on. See the Eugene Weekly : Calendar. Here are some daytime highlights: Friends of the Library Book Sale (plus CD/DVD/vinyl), benefit for Eugene Public Library, 9am-6pm today & tomorrow, Lane County Fairgrounds. FREE … Read More

Skinner Butte – Bob Welch: On butte top, good works look sharp

I’m probably not alone in this, but as a Eugenian I take it for granted that I can drive, bike, walk or even climb up to the top of Skinner’s Butte. But not until reading Bob Welch’s column below did I realize how the Butte was almost closed to the public — until a proactive … Read More

Heloise’s household hint – get a Ural sidecar motorcycle

People around the country are familar with the tips from newspaper columnist Heloise. But you may not know that she is also the proud owner of a Ural sidecar motorcycle (a camo Gear-Up, to be exact): Link: Heloise – Columnist spin-cycles through KC [Kansas City]. Well, it’s not every day you find yourself zipping around … Read More – Web site showcases federal recreation sites

Planning any trips that involve federal park sites? Check out the new for info: Link: Web site showcases federal recreation sites – The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA. A new Web site makes it easier to plan trips to federal recreation sites, from monuments and historic attractions to forests, parks and scenic byways. Secretary of … Read More

CSS Rounded Corners… Worth the bother?

I’m not a big fan of Web 2.0, but it still pays to at least look into the techniques surrounded by the hype. I’m not an early adopter by any means, but now that rounded corners are pretty widespread, it was time to check it out. Conclusion: They’re bollocks. Yes, they’re nifty. Yes, there’s lots … Read More

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