Skinner Butte – Bob Welch: On butte top, good works look sharp

I’m probably not alone in this, but as a Eugenian I take it for granted that I can drive, bike, walk or even climb up to the top of Skinner’s Butte. But not until reading Bob Welch’s column below did I realize how the Butte was almost closed to the public — until a proactive citizen stepped up:

Link: Bob Welch: On butte top, good works look sharp – The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA.

"It was 10 years ago this spring that the city of Eugene closed the gates on the landmark park, saying, in essence: You want the view? Hike. We can’t afford to keep the park maintained, so we’re closing the road to it. When Ray Wiley heard that, he morphed into a sort of civic Superman to save Gotham from a major injustice"

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