The joy of good work

After a nice lie-in and breakfast listening to Celtic music, Jodie and I spent the day working mudding drywall in our master bedroom, and then we went outside and hacked at weeds for a while. It’s now going on 8 p.m., and we’re relaxing with a pot of tea before whipping up dinner. I’m tired, but joyous.

Working on the house has been more fun that I ever would have imagined it being. I’ve learned so much during the past year — from the joy of drills to how much truth there is to the old saw "many hands make light work".

Working with Jodie, too, has been wonderful. It’s time we can share, building and working on part of our future… even though it may just look like we’re ripping out dandelions by the roots.

It all takes work — but it’s good work. Work with a purpose. Work in the sun, that gets the blood flowing. Work where we can work in silence, or with some chat or jest, and always fun.

There is nothing like the feeling of working on my house, with the woman I love. Next time will be a year since we got the house, and it is still one of the best decisions I ever made.

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