Tonight at the Bier Stein: a primer on Czech beer

Ah, Bier Stein — not only do your ever-changing taps and hundreds of bottles make me glad to be alive, but you also feed my beer brain.

Tonight, Monday, April 16, at 7 p.m., there will be a half-hour talk at the Bier Stein by a Czech expert in, well, Czech beer. His talk will focus around the history of brewing in the Czech Republic. This isn’t a tasting, by the way — though there will be plenty of Czech goodness for you to practice you new knowledge on.


3 thoughts on “Tonight at the Bier Stein: a primer on Czech beer”

  1. Well bummer, because if it was a tasting you would have a chance to try Krusovice, a lesser known Czech tipple that has yet to make it’s way to our shores. 6 months of non-stop Pilsner left K@ and I desperate for a different flavor of beer and Krusovice Svetle did not disappoint.

  2. Ah. It was a really neat talk on Czech beer, mostly Pilsner Urquell, though he did also touch on Czechvar (and the way Anheuser-Busch bought the distribution rights for the U.S…. and stopped distribution).
    Ugh – sorry, I’ll pass on the vomiting 🙂 3 pints had a happy, probably slightly loud Anthony going home…
    It was good to snag a Pilsner Urquell again. I’m more an ale man and not so much on the lagers, but that is just such a nice, crisp beer.


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