Month: May 2007

Round-up: The Love, Hate & Personal Accountability of Credit Cards

The "Cleaning out Bloglines" Round-up: Stop Buying Crap Somewhere in near-mothballed draft form, there are some articles about why I 1) don’t pay cash, 2) don’t carry consumer debt, and 3) use my REI Visa for pretty much everything. Cap from Stop Buying Crap sums up well a lot of my annoyance with people who … Read More

Round-up: Freelance writing Tips from Angela Booth

The "Cleaning out Bloglines" Round-up: Angela Booth’s Writing Blog I’ve been reading Angela Booth’s Writing Blog for a long time now. With nearly 100 of her freelance business advice, writing tips and motivational posts saved in my Bloglines, she was a natural to do a round-up. Here are some of my favorite posts of hers … Read More

Round-up: Mac Tips for Mac OS X Users & Windows Switchers

The "Cleaning out Bloglines" Round-up: Apple Matters Apple Matters is an informative yet amusing blog full of tips, analysis and commentary about all things Apple. If you’re a Mac OS X user, especially a Windows switcher, these 4 posts will come in handy: A Switcher’s Guide to Windows and Mac Differences and Equivalents Mac Tips, … Read More

Simple dahl Recipe

Recently I’ve been drooling over fond memories of dahl in India. Jodie found us a simple, lip-smacking-by-the-look-of-it Dahl Recipe to try, from blog thimble. Link: thimble ยป Dahl Recipe "This is one of our longtime favourite recipes. It has a nice sweet-spicy contrast thing happening with the curry and the coconut."

Posts over the next few weeks: The “Cleaning out Bloglines” Round-up

A while back I posted about trying to clean out the nearly 800 posts saved in my Bloglines account. I’ve made… some… headway, but not much. So, for the next couple of weeks, there’ll be a lot of round-up posts on here, on topics from writing to personal finance. I hope you find them useful, … Read More

Which Roth IRA Account Is Best for Your Retirement?

Searching for the right Roth IRA for you? Compare different Roth IRAs at different banks, and learn more about the benefits of a Roth IRA, below. As for me, my money is on Vanguard’s Target Retirement Funds. Vanguard is known for having some of the lowest fees in the industry and some great funds. They … Read More

Authors Who Avoid Traditional Publishers By Angela Hoy

Don’t want to try to get published by a regular ol’ publishing house? You don’t have to. Authors seeking publication have more options than ever in today’s writing world, and Angela Hoy of Writers Weekly explains why: Link: Authors Who Avoid Traditional Publishers By Angela Hoy. "I’d like to talk about authors who avoid traditional … Read More

The Noodle Man – Toshi’s Ramen

Note to self: Must take Jodie here for a date. I went to Toshi’s Ramen once, years ago, and haven’t gotten back by there again yet. It’s silly really, because the ramen is good, refreshing and a million times better than the ol’ college staple of noodle block and powder-chemical flavoring: Link: The Noodle Man … Read More

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