Register-Guard Entree Round-up: Tofu & Cooking Oils

Tofu and oil. Tofu — easy to cook, versatile, and you can make it taste like pretty much whatever you want.

Cooking oil? Complex, but only because of the range of oils out there. We have sesame oil and olive oil, and don’t worry about the complexity.

The trick to tasty tofu is all in the texture – The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA.

"But how to use it as a meat replacement without disappointing carnivores? It’s easy, if you know the tricks."

Cooking oil choices clog store shelves –
The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA

"Today, simplicity has been supplanted by overwhelming options that can trigger almost comedic dilemmas. Dressing a salad? Will it be almond oil or walnut? Grapeseed is good. So is hazelnut. And if frying is on the menu, canola is nice, but avocado would be a cool twist."

2 thoughts on “Register-Guard Entree Round-up: Tofu & Cooking Oils”

  1. Thank you for this VERY useful link! The K@ and I are not of the carnivorous type, and actually quite like the texture and taste of most tofu. However, it gets rather awkward when making dishes for potlucks with non-vegs. I hate when we’re the only ones who end up eating what we bring, so we’ll give some of these recommendations a shot and hopefully no one will be the wiser the next time out.

  2. You may be guilty to too much honesty. I don’t often disclose tofu in something (and I feel out “dietary restrictions” beforehand, so I often know if someone doesn’t eat tofu due to health concerns). It’s the sort of thing that can be better to spring on someone – amazing what a mouthful of good grub can do to preconceived notions.


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