Month: June 2007

PDQ Bach at Eugene’s Hult Center tonight

PDQ Bach is both the fictional "wayward musical progeny" of J.S. Bach’s own trebleclef blood, and the creation of Peter Schickele. Tonight, at 7:30p.m. at the Hult Center, they face off in a Jekyll-and-Hyde evening of musical hilarity. Link: PDQ Bach and Peter Schickele — "The Jekyll and Hyde Tour" – Hult Center for the … Read More

New Oak Street Speakeasy bar/eatery “mixes old era with dinner and jazz”

Bars in downtown Eugene are a tough one for me and Jodie, but there may be hope. John Henry’s? Sorry, not in college, and if I want a meat market I’ll go to Long’s and buy steak. (though when I was in my early 20s here, I loved going to John Henry’s. Especially 80s night. … Read More

Splitting wood? Get a wood grenade

There is no better way to describe the joy of splitting wood by hand, with the 4-sided wedge called the Wood Grenade, than this great quote from Wilder By Far’s Wood Grenade post: "There’s something wonderful to be said about taking a sledge hammer, slinging it above your head and down in a forceful, Thor-like … Read More

Irish- and American-style Red Ales

This afternoon I hit up the Home Fermenter Center for some ingredients for a tasty Red Ale. In preparation, I’ve been going over my homebrewing book, The Complete Joy of Homebrewing Third Edition (Harperresource Book) and hitting up the web for some info on this style of ale. Hmm, though perhaps Jodie and I should … Read More

Why get rich when you can just get poor – in 3 quick, easy steps?

Forget get-rich-quick. Hell, forget get-rich-at-all. Poverty, after all, is just a 3-step program away. Thanks Cap at StopBuying Crap! Link: A Simple, 3-Step Program. "How would you like to live in crushing, abject poverty? Does the idea of living and sleeping on the streets of a major American city sound appealing to you? Would … Read More

How to pick up a fallen motorcycle

Your motorcycle, your pride and joy, is currently lying on the ground. We’ll skip the reasons, since none help the shame and guilt and pain at seeing your baby on its side like that. So let’s get down to the brass tacks, including a helpful video, of how to pick up a fallen motorcycle: Link: … Read More

For coffee, Eugene going Dutch

Dutch Brothers is one of the best coffee chains around, and I’m stoked to hear that in addition to the 11th & Chambers location, there’s now one a bit north of us, up River Road (near Grocery Outlet). If you aren’t familiar with Dutch Brothers, just find one, and get whatever the featured coffee is. … Read More

Spruced-up pic

Thanks Glenn Watson, in ol’ Sydney, "Ozstraya" for spiffing up my bio pic and sending the new version, live at the right. The colors look way better. Glenn’s one of the brains behind Cyberdog Design – "complete, affordable graphics for your business". Check ’em out — especially if you’re like me and have zero graphical … Read More

Hunting for socks at Eugene’s Black Sheep Gathering

Bah. Baaaaah. While personally I’m not a knitter, my hand-made-sock-shorn feet and I have nothing but praise for this noble and ancient craft. And, when your girlfriend is a knitter, and you live in a town that has one of the country’s major gatherings of all things fiber and fiber arts, the Black Sheep Gathering, … Read More

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