New Oak Street Speakeasy bar/eatery “mixes old era with dinner and jazz”

Bars in downtown Eugene are a tough one for me and Jodie, but there may be hope.

  • John Henry’s? Sorry, not in college, and if I want a meat market I’ll go to Long’s and buy steak. (though when I was in my early 20s here, I loved going to John Henry’s. Especially 80s night. Of course.)
  • Horsehead? It was great a few years ago, but it’s not a scene I fit with anymore.
  • Jameson’s? It started out promising, but last time we were there it was too loud to talk (though to be fair, we haven’t been back in a while, and they recently renovated).

Now, Jackalope, up near the Amtrak station at 4th & Willamette, is good, but if you want to keep right in that downtown/Broadway core, it’s looking like there are two main options.

One is the new Davis, on Broadway and Olive, which we need to go to. And the other, the new Oak Street Speakeasy, has me most interested: New eatery mixes old era with dinner and jazz – The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA.

"The Oak Street Speakeasy opened last week in a basement storefront on the southeast corner of Broadway and Oak Street. Several restaurants and nightclubs have come and gone from the downstairs spot at 100 E. Broadway, but Naria thinks his combination of a unique theme, Italian cuisine and nightly live jazz will set the Speakeasy apart."

It may take a second to picture the location, but if you know Broadway between Oak and Pearl streets, you know exactly where this is. At the corner, across from a bank, near a big row of periodical boxes. There’s a railing, and a staircase down to a door that, well, would be perfectly suited for a speakeasy. If you do know the place, maybe in some of its previous lives as night clubs, then from the sound of the RG article you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

I can’t wait to check this place out. Maybe a post-PDQ Bach Saturday drink is in order – nothing like chasing Oregon Bach Festival, well, Bach, with a cocktail and some jazz.

Hell, I’m just stoked that someone in downtown Eugene is trying to run a place that isn’t for the meat-market-cheap-PBR-and-revolution crowd. There’s a huge appeal to me, when the bar’s owner says, "It’s a grown-up crowd. "We’re not doing power drinkers, or anything like that."

If we’re really lucky, we’ll even be able to hear each other talk.

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