Month: June 2007

Hide and Speak: Google, We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Google!

When it comes to websites and marketing them, just about all one generally hears about it Google. How’s it doing in Google? Are you #1 in Google? Do you have yours ads up in Google? But is it really a good idea to be so heavily reliant on one source of traffic — not to … Read More

Hugh’s Mortgage and Financial Calculators

Trying to figure out mortgage calculators, IRAs over the years, and other such financial wizardry? Hugh has a vast collection of tools to help you with damn near anything financial. Also, if you don’t have a will, Hugh also gives you Five Reasons to Die Without a Will. Link: Hugh’s Mortgage and Financial Calculators. Thanks … Read More

A mortgage is still debt that needs to be reduced at Mighty Bargain Hunter

Below is a good thought, and an excellent question, but one, like many questions, with no set answer but, "whatever works best for your situation". As for us, we do pay a little extra towards mortgage principle — but right now, it’s more important to be putting money away for later, be that later in … Read More

Marketing & writing round-up – Marketing Profs

Have We Lost the Ability to Write Clear, Comprehensible Copy? | Marketing Profs Truth Is the New Lie | Marketing Profs How (and Why) to Centralize Your Email Marketing | Marketing Profs Ten Tips for Perpetual Career Management: Forget the Corporate Ladder | Marketing Profs How to Avoid Green Marketing Myopia | Marketing Profs

All-grill meal

After a weekend of tiling, late Sunday night it was time to uncork some red wine and fire up the grill. Jodie had a simple yet sumptuous feast: Sirloin steaks, rubbed with black pepper and olive oil Potatoes, sliced thin, and coated with olive oil, black pepper, salt, paprika and rosemary Grilled green beans, mushrooms … Read More

Looking for a new savings account? GMAC Bank vs. ING Direct

The All Financial Matters blog has posted an interesting comparison between GMAC Bank vs. ING Direct. Like many, I originally went to ING because of the savings account interest rates, which were above and beyond anything else at the time. Nowadays ING isn’t the front-runner on interest, but I’ve still no plans to move my … Read More

The ultimate compliment you can give a blogger

While at the geektravaganza Internet Retailer Conference, I attended a talk by Ted Demopoulos on E-commerce Blogs. He’s been blogging for a while, and recently had met up for a beer with one of his readers. During their conversation, the reader gave him what many bloggers would consider the ultimate compliment: "You sound just like … Read More

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