Month: June 2007

Round-up: Government, erection spiders & war – from Dilbert’s Scott Adams

The "Cleaning out Bloglines" Round-up: Scott Adams’ Dilbert Blog Dilbert has always been a guiding force in my professional life, and it was with much sardonic, crooked-smile joy that I found Scott Adams’ Dilbert Blog a while back. I won’t even try to summarize the contents; he is always funny and thought-provoking, and I can … Read More

Round-up: Good copywriting

The "Cleaning out Bloglines" Round-up: Copyblogger Trying to improve your copywriting? Trying to write great landing pages, grab the reader’s attention, improve conversion, and all that rot? Then you want to check out the writing advice and tips from Copyblogger: Seal the Deal, Part II: 5 Tips for Designing the Ultimate Landing Page Quick and … Read More

Round-up: Motorcycle safety, news & advice

The "Cleaning out Bloglines" Round-up: WhyBike? Motorcycle Blog After spending ages a couple of years ago talking about motorcycles, I, well, I wound up getting a house instead. But at least I now have a garage to park my ride. With a year of homeownership under my belt, it’s time to get the bike. From … Read More

Round-up: Hot Sauce, Breakfast Burritos & Chili!

The "Cleaning out Bloglines" Round-up: Hot Sauce Blog From some new hot sauces that must wind up on our table, to discussion of breakfast burritos, I’ve become a big fan of the Hot Sauce Blog. Here are a couple of stand-out sauces that I want to burn my mouth with, as well as, yes, the … Read More

Round-up: Eugene Greenpower & Socially Conscious Investing

The "Cleaning out Bloglines" Round-up: Green Capitalism Green Capitalism is a Eugene and investment/finance blog that I found recently, and have found its posts pretty similar in attitude to my take on things. It’s also interesting to see someone else blogging about Eugene. EWEB GreenPower Update Q & A: Mat with the Greenpower Program A … Read More

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