Why get rich when you can just get poor – in 3 quick, easy steps?

Forget get-rich-quick. Hell, forget get-rich-at-all. Poverty, after all, is just a 3-step program away. Thanks Cap at StopBuying Crap!

Link: PowerWealth.com: A Simple, 3-Step Program.

"How would you like to live in crushing, abject poverty? Does the idea of living and sleeping on the streets of a major American city sound appealing to you? Would you like to grow old and penniless, spending your final days on this Earth barely getting by on the meager checks sent to you by some large government bureaucracy? Well, my friend, do I have the program for you. I call my program “Live to Fail Always”. It is a simple, three-step program even you can follow. It is fast and effective. Plus, it is easy to learn. Best of all, you can start applying the program in your own life today!"

3 thoughts on “Why get rich when you can just get poor – in 3 quick, easy steps?”

  1. No worries, it was a great piece. After seeing so many things about being financially responsible and saving and such, it was refreshing to see someone hit it from the other angle – “hey screw all this, just make yourself poor, it’s easy!” And yet… rope the reader right into the responsibility. Nice.


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