Round-up: Hot Sauce, Breakfast Burritos & Chili!

The "Cleaning out Bloglines" Round-up: Hot Sauce Blog

From some new hot sauces that must wind up on our table, to discussion of breakfast burritos, I’ve become a big fan of the Hot Sauce Blog. Here are a couple of stand-out sauces that I want to burn my mouth with, as well as, yes, the breakfast burrito, further proof that god(dess) loves us and wants us to be happy:

3 thoughts on “Round-up: Hot Sauce, Breakfast Burritos & Chili!”

  1. This is a fantastic link! Thank you! I never figured that I would end up like this, but that K@ and I have a spice cabinet made up of 7/10s hot sauce, each with it’s preferred dish and quantity. From the Sriracca to the Tabasco and everything in between we pick up more and more hot sauces for every dish that we learn to cook. Looking in my cabinet right now I can see 8 different types of hot sauce that we regularly use and 3 others that we use when the occasion strikes us. We’ve got some love for the hot sauce.

  2. Hi All-
    I have been working the past few months to get my hot sauce production off the ground. I have spent a lot of time researching the steps needed. I wrote them up and would like to share with anyone just starting out.
    You can go to and click on how to. There is information on purchasing bottles, labels, production, nutrition facts, etc.
    Hope this helps.


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