Splitting wood? Get a wood grenade

There is no better way to describe the joy of splitting wood by hand, with the 4-sided wedge called the Wood Grenade, than this great quote from Wilder By Far’s Wood Grenade post:

"There’s something wonderful to be said about taking a sledge hammer, slinging it above your head and down in a forceful, Thor-like arc and striking a piece of metal embedded in a 20” (that’s six meters for you soccer-watchers) diameter log and watching it split apart into two pieces like Tom Cruise’s personality."

Best online source for Wood Grenades is Lehman’s – Products for Simple, Self-sufficient Living. I just ordered 2.

A friend of ours loaned me his, after we had to have two birch trees on our property cut down. Even for this first-time woodsplitter, the grenade made short work of every round. I’m hooked, and look forward to many seasons of wood-splitting with the Wood Grenade.

More about the Wood Grenade:

6 thoughts on “Splitting wood? Get a wood grenade”

  1. In what world is 20 inches equal to 6 meters? 20 inches is closer to 3/4 of a meter.
    I love using the wedge. Super fun. That is, super fun until it gets stuck in the wood. I was once splitting some particularly knotty pine, and our wedge got so stuck that we had to flip the round over and split from the other side.

  2. Leah,
    It’s a joke. I just like to make fun of the metric system. And Tom Cruise. When I can work them both into the same sentence? Heaven.

  3. I have a BIG stack of firewood ready to burn, on the south side of town, and need to give it away FREE, you move. need to repair the fence behind it. anyone intrested

  4. Oh man… I would so take you up on that, except I don’t have the wheels to move it. If we can work something out though, I could at least help with the load and unload. I’ll email you.


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