Month: July 2007

Writing Inspiration & Motivation Round-up from Writers Weekly

Angela Hoy’s Writers Weekly (newsletter, website, RSS, forum, you name it) is one of the best, no-holds-barred writing resources available today. I’ve been a reader for years, and after realizing how many saved RSS feed articles I’d been stockpiling, it made sense to do a series of Writers Weekly round-ups. Check out these helpful articles, … Read More

Can Yelp Help Your Small Business?

I’ve sent this site to a couple of people, and I’m curious to hear what other people’s experiences have been with Yelp. Do you have a small business? Do you use this site? Has it been a help for marketing, word-of-mouth and sales? Link: Can Yelp Help Your Small Business?. Chance are high that you’ve … Read More

Curing summer salad fatigue

Fruit, nuts, beans, grains — even veggies. Tired of lettuce and tomatoes and cucumbers? Here are some tips to reinspire you at the salad bowl: Link: For salads, think outside the bowl – The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA. It happens. No matter how gorgeous the tomatoes and greens are this time of year, it’s easy … Read More

Friday’s KWAX Listener’s Choice Request – Elgar’s Violin Concerto

I’m a long-time fan and supporter of FM 91.1 KWAX, our all-classical music station in Eugene. Every Friday, KWAX opens the phone lines for Listener’s Choice Friday. Today I was curious about pieces by Fritz Kreisler, but then Elgar’s Violin Concerto caught my eye. I don’t believe I’ve heard this piece before, and I’m really … Read More

Simpsons, Springfield, streetlights & state of the arts – Register-Guard round-up

Highlights from today’s Register-Guard: Eugene council endorses report on state of the arts Springfield to pull off light switch [Ant’s note – but now we won’t have that bright-white to dull-yellow change that signals crossing city lines…] Bob Welch: Whoopee! for `Simpsons’ silliness Neighbor unity, anti-crime effort kicks off with party When using water, go … Read More

Adventure Sidecars – Sidecar Motorcycle Training in Hood River, Oregon

3 days of 3-wheel motorcycle fun – Adventure SidecarI’m currently swearing my way through an attempt to write up an account of my 3 days of sidecar motorcycle training, but it could be a while. I’m rather out of practice on this sort of thing (though here are pictures from our July 2007 class). In … Read More

Conflicting Absolute Positions & Web Layouts

CSS positioning is something for layout that I’m still trying to wrap my head around, but this technique sounds interesting, simple and handy: Link: A List Apart: Articles: Conflicting Absolute Positions. It struck me that assumption no. 2—that only one corner of a div can be absolutely positioned on a page—should be very easy to … Read More

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