Fresh herbs make pleasing pestos

Interested in tinkering with pesto? Instead of basil, oil, cheese, pine nuts and garlic, what other combinations can you try? We’ve heard of arugula pestos, for example. This article suggest different ways you can change up pesto: Link: Fresh herbs make pleasing pestos – The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA. Though traditional pestos generally involve basil … Read more

Grilled Chicken with Raspberry-Chipotle & Cherry Coke Marinade

Coke as Marinade? Recently Jodie’s parents treated us to one of their family grilling favorites: chicken marinaded in Coke. That’s right — Coca-Cola as a marinade. What’s nice about this marinade is not that you’re making chicken taste like Coke. The Coke is a great tenderizer and, to me at least, the soda also adds … Read more

Midori plays Mendelssohn tonight at Eugene’s Hult Center – Oregon Bach Festival

Mendelssohn at the Oregon Bach FestivalAfter Saturday night’s PDQ Bach hilarity (such as, "Paris Hilton does play the violin — it’s an expensive model, called a Straddlevarius"), Jodie and I are looking forward to a night of Mendelssohn and Midori. Midori, who debuted in 1982 when she was only 11, will be rocking out Eugene’s … Read more

New puppy & Greenhill Humane Society

Live in the Eugene/Springfield area and thinking of adopting a dog, cat or small pet? Be sure to visit the Greenhill Humane Society, just outside town around West 11th and Greenhill Road. Jodie and I have planned for months to get a dog, but we were waiting until the bedroom was either done or close … Read more

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