Whaddya mean, no firepit?

Articles like this evoke a mixed reaction of mild annoyance and medium tittering in me. The tone of the piece sounds more something from the 50s, or some tall tale you’d tell a child to keep them in line. Yet something tells me the federales won’t quite yet be jumping backyard fences and putting out … Read more

The Pizza Clause

Cooking in our house is pretty straightforward, laid-back and generally, tasty and fun. One of the reasons why, is a little something Jodie and I call "the Pizza Clause". I experiment a lot with cooking, and we have a tacit understanding that if a dish sucks, then I owe Jodie pizza. So far she hasn’t … Read more

A re-furbished Jo Federigo’s may open in December

In May, Jo Fed’s suddenly closed, but it may be about to get a new lease on life – after all the crowbar work is done: Link: Jo Federigo’s gets another act – The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA. Jo Federigo’s Restaurant and Jazz Club, a Eugene food and music venue that ended a long run … Read more

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