A Trader Joe’s should take over the old River Road Safeway location

How about a Trader Joe’s in River Road/Santa Clara?
With the closing of the River Road-area Safeway, I have a recommendation for the 24,000 sq.ft. empty space: fill it with a Trader Joe’s. Here’s why:

  • Fill up your wine rack (with good wine) for $30 (we did). Great food, great booze, great prices (I’m not being paid or sponsored in any way by Trader Joe’s to write this, by the way)
  • Location, location, location. The old Safeway location is right on River Road, just off Beltline — 2 major arterials. Great place for people to stop off for some groceries or a quick grab at tonight’s dinner or a bottle to take to a shindig.
  • Yes, there’s a Trader Joe’s at Oakway… but do people in the River Road/Santa Clara area shop there? People in Eugene are afflicted with what I call psychological distance. The Oakway Center? That’s, like, on Coburg Road. Across the river. Too far. Just the thought of it makes me want to have a lie-down. We like things, if not close, to at least feel close. And a Trader Joe’s at River Road and Beltline would feel close, and be close, to all our hungry tummies and healthy wallets in this area. There might be a Trader Joe’s at Oakway, but I have a hunch that it’s not tapping the RR/SC market. A location here would open up new Eugene-area marketshare to Trader Joe’s.
  • Speaking of wallets. I’m guessing — I don’t know, but I’m guessing — that the average Trader Joe’s shopper tends to be a tad upscale. Or, if not upscale, they like good food, from a cool company, and they’re going to support that business. The River Road/Santa Clara area has a wide range of families, from the younger and not yet with child (such as me and Jodie), to the upper-middle class, to the empty nester who likes a well-laden table. We’d like to shop at a place like Trader Joe’s. It fits in with us.

Do you think a Trader Joe’s should come to RR/SC?
Those are just a few reasons why I think Trader Joe’s should move to the old River Road Safeway location. On a personal level, I love Trader Joe’s, from its food to its overall ethos. I’d shop at one closer to my own home. So would many others in this area.

The Trader Joes website has an area where you can recommend future locations. I’m going to submit this piece there, right after I post this. Do you think a Trader Joe’s in River Road/Santa Clara is a good idea? Leave your comments here, or tell Trader Joe’s.

2 thoughts on “A Trader Joe’s should take over the old River Road Safeway location”

  1. Thanks for the idea. I just suggested it to them also. I am afraid this area may not have enough of the upscale demo for them, but it’s worth a try. I wouldn’t mind a Market of Choice either.

  2. You’re welcome, thanks for backing it up!
    It’s a valid concern, River Road/Santa Clara is no Southern California, but what I’m hoping is that Trader Joe’s will see that there’s a lot more upscale around here than might think at first glance. You know, and I know, that this area has a pretty healthy mix of incomes, but there’s some money around here, and a lot of people who’d be happy to shop at a Trader Joe’s, provided it were more on the way home.


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