Family Style Dinner tonight at Iraila

Iraila monthly family style dinner: This Month’s FS Dinner will be a Middle Eastern Feast on September 29th at 6:30. For $26 per person (drinks not included), you can feast on…

  • Naaz khatoon (eggplant in pomegranate juice)
  • Samboosak bel-koorat (leek pies)
  • Kushari (Egyptian lentils with rice,pasta and carmelized onions)
  • Fakhda bil forn (roast leg of lamb)
  • Yaz turlusu (turkish Fall vegetable stew)
  • And for dessert, Um ali (Egyptian cream and nut pudding pastry)

Make your reservation for tonight’s dinner. Call Iralia at 541-684-8400.

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