Free HTML editors for Windows, Mac & Linux

Good breakdown of free HTML editors. Offhand, I take issue with the inclusion of Nvu; I’ve checked it out before, and was very underwhelmed, but it may have improved since then.

Link: Who can argue with free stuff?.

2 thoughts on “Free HTML editors for Windows, Mac & Linux”

  1. The main reason I rank Nvu up higher is because it’s one of the very few WYSIWYG editors that is free. Just in general, I don’t find it all that wonderful, but people who like WYSIWYG and free tend to appreciate Nvu and it’s bug-fix release Kompozer.
    Just curious, what free (or not free) HTML editor do you prefer?

  2. Ah, that makes more sense. As for me, I’m a Homesite fan – still, I know – but it’s always worked for me. I’ve always liked being able to flip between code view and rendering, and I still haven’t come across something I like so much, especially in terms of control over your code.
    I’m looking forward to diving more into your recommendations though, since I’d like to find a Mac-compatible HTML editor, preferably free, or low-cost. Thanks for doing the comparison!


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