Pay only for what you use with NearlyFreeSpeech.NET Web Hosting

For starters, if you aren’t using RetailMeNot to help you find coupons and savings when shopping online, you should. The Babble Out can also be useful for tips on saving when shopping online.

That said, go all the way to the bottom of their site, and you’ll find a link to their host — NearlyFreeSpeech.NET Web Hosting. I mention this because Nearly Free Speech has an interesting hosting model. Instead of paying X per month for Y amount of bandwidth, you pay only for what you use. I’m diving into them some more, but I’m digging what I see so far.

Any customers of Nearly Free Speech out there? Please leave a comment with your experiences and opinions.

4 thoughts on “Pay only for what you use with NearlyFreeSpeech.NET Web Hosting”

  1. I use Nearly Free Speech and I am in LOVE with them. I was screwed over by my first two hosts, ipowerweb and dot5hosting (avoid them!), and I finally discovered NFS, and I don’t think I’m ever going to have to go host shopping again. Sure, my site is small, amateurly made, and personal, but I have had absolutely no problems with NFS. The only time they have ever had down time was when they moved all of their hardware to a new location, but they were really good about it. They informed us way ahead of time, and had a move update site on separate server the entire time. All problems created by the move were quickly addressed. The only thing I don’t like is that I cannot update if I am not at my own computer, because you can only update through ftp and similar clients–there is no control panel. It’s totally worth it, though, and they are saving me a lot of money. If you haven’t already switched to NFS since you posted this, you might want to think about it some more.

  2. Stephanie, glad to see you’ve had such good experiences with them. I did open an account there recently so I can dabble with a few other ideas, and I’ve been really pleased so far too. Setup has been very easy, even for me, and I’m quite a noob when it comes to DNS and such.

  3. The information they present is confusing,but it does seem good..
    Do you get a statement of how much bandwidth youve used and storage youve used…otherwise you take their word for it…and of course this would help in calculating future use etc..


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