How to Turn Cheap “Choice” Steaks into Gucci “Prime” Steaks | Jaden’s Steamy Kitchen

Saw this on Lifehacker, and am intrigued. General wisdom is that salting a steak before you grill it will dry it out. But according to Jaden, salting with kosher salt for 15 minutes to an hour actually helps tenderize the meat and retain a tasty amount of moisture — yet leave you with a hunk … Read more

Champagne with Potato Chips? Free Web Site Offers 360,000 Food and Wine Pairings

From a release… New York  – You really can drink wine with just about anything, according to a new web site devoted to food and wine pairings. Zinfandel with your Tex-Mex? Not a problem. A little Chardonnay with your fried chicken take-out? Delicious. Pinot Noir and wild boar? Why not, says Natalie MacLean, who has … Read more

Skillet roasting perfect for fall

Few things are better than potatoes, and this piece, complete with a clip-worthy potato and winter squash recipe, sums up nicely what to do when you don’t want to roast or mash some nice tatties: Link: Skillet roasting perfect for fall – The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA. Perfect for the season is the often overlooked … Read more

New Cafe Yumm location opening in October at E. Broadway location

Cafe Yumm! has been expanding where you can get their distinctive yet uncategorizable food. In addition to locations including 5th Street Market and 18th & Willamette, a new location is expected to open soon closer to campus: Link: Cafe Yumm! expansion hums – The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA. After toiling for years in retail cubbyholes, … Read more

Got firewood?

Yes, it’s warm outside, and the last thing on your mind is fleece and heat. But if you burn wood, beat the rush and go ahead and get that cord of seasoned firewood laid in (if you didn’t have some green wood from last year seasoning). For us in the Northwet, some great hardwoods include … Read more

50 Strategies for Making Yourself Work

Of course, one of those strategies could be not reading blogs when you should be writing, but nevertheless. You are allowed to tear yourself away from your writing for a few minutes, and pick some strategies that will help you get right back to it: Link: 50 Strategies for Making Yourself Work. Work avoidance is … Read more

How I Organize My Bank Statements � How To, Finance � Russell Heimlich

Few things are better than simple and obvious. For ages I’ve tried to keep my financial documents organized with lots of paper clips and bulging manila folders, but Russell, with 3-ring binder and a hole punch, is on to something that makes a lot more sense (btw, found this via one of the many awesome … Read more

2007 Eugene Celebration

Celebrate! The Eugene Celebration runs all weekend, Sept. 7-9, in downtown Eugene. Live music, food, community organizations, various wares and crafts – and a huge downtown party. Now we’re talking. Eugene Celebration 2007 – September 7th, 8th, & 9th, 2007 – Eugene Oregon "Everybody get together right now" "Eugene puts its fun side on parade" … Read more

Oct. 4 – Iraila’s Mark Zolun hosts cooking class featuring Cattail Creek Lamb!

From the Iraila newsletter — sign up for a yummy cooking class, featuring Cattail Creek Lamb and taught by Iraila’s own Mark Zolun! What? An Evening with Iraila Chef Mark Zolun Where? Cook’s Pots and Table Tops, Southtowne Shoppes, 28th & Oak, Eugene When? Thursday, October 4, 6-8:30 p.m. Why? "Mark loves to cook Cattail … Read more

Marketing Profs article round-up

From Facebook to sales, here are some eye-catching articles from Marketing Profs: Are You On Facebook Yet? | Marketing Profs Daily Fix Blog 25 Metrics to Prove Marketing Drives Sales – Articles by Marketing Profs How to Use Email Segmentation to Shorten the Sales Cycle – Articles by Marketing Profs Five Steps: How to Mine … Read more

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