Top 10 vehicles driven in Eugene

As compiled by Murky Research (the folks who handle stats and research for Car Talk on NPR), the top 10 vehicles driven in Eugene are…

  1. Subaru Legacy
  2. Subaru Outback
  3. Subaru Forrester
  4. VW bus
  5. Volvo sedan
  6. Volvo wagon
  7. Mercedes, diesel
  8. Mercedes, biodiesel
  9. Pickup truck
  10. Minivan

5 thoughts on “Top 10 vehicles driven in Eugene”

  1. Ha! That is pretty funny, given that just yesterday when we were having coffee we talked about this, and that was your guess (or were you privy to the enough then?). I knew this was a “Subaru town”!

  2. Chris – I made the list after we had coffee, actually. I just kept wondering, what would be our top 10 list for cars?
    Granted, I’ve totally made this up, but I’m pretty certain it’s accurate.
    JustaDog – so with you. I can’t imagine buying an American car. We drive a Hyundai, and if we were in the market would be looking at Hondas, Toyotas and Subarus.

  3. Uncanny indeed… as a Honday Today 50 cc and soon-to-be Honda Jazz VTi driver, I have to concur…
    Paulus is looking at Toyotas and Nissans in the hilux/man-car range… and every boy likes a WRX, but no, happy with the Hondas thanks very much…


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