Does a clever or descriptive headline work better in web copy?

A sentiment I understand — "I absolutely love clever word play. Puns, turns of phrases, neologisms, Spoonerisms, etc… I love them all. I just don’t use them in headlines" — and try to adhere to as well. Clever tends to defeat itself; descriptive headlines are longer-lasting, and better-converting: Link: Clever vs. Descriptive Headlines: Which Works … Read more

Over $21,000 raised in 5 hours – congratulations KWAX!

Last day of the fundraiser. $21,000 to raise. Can the listeners of a wee radio station in the wilds of Oregon pull it off? With aplomb. At 1:45 p.m., KWAX finished it’s fall fundraiser. They raised over $80,000 in 8 days — over $21,000 on the final day. Congratulations, KWAX! Now it’s time to get … Read more

$20,000 by 5 o’clock – can KWAX finish their fundraiser?

Today is the last day of the KWAX fundraiser, and they have about $20,000 to raise between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Daunting? Um, well, yeah — $20,000 in 8 hours breaks down to about $2500 per hour. But is it doable? I think so. Do you like classical music? Tune in today, 91.1 in … Read more

Got $31,000? Only 2 days left for KWAX fall fundraiser

As of 5 p.m. Wednesday evening, there’s about $31,000 left for Eugene classical music station KWAX to raise by Friday. As the DJ’s would say, "that means you have only 31 changes left to make a $1,000 pledge". The fundraiser picks up Thursday morning at 9 a.m., with funny challenges, good music, and dollar by … Read more

Baked Brie & Bread

About once a month, Jodie and I like to take one night to have a simple bread-and-cheese dinner. Well, bread and cheese… and a few other bits here and there: The bread — anything you like; we had a ciabatta from Trader Joe’s The cheese — double-cream brie, this one also from TJ’s, baked for … Read more

Antsaint’s Bloggers Challenge to support KWAX

When it comes to fundraising, it’s all about putting your own money where your mouth — or your blog — is. So I’d like to put a challenge out to the bloggers — because I’m betting there’s a lot of bloggers who love classical music and have $10 to contribute to a unique, independent radio … Read more

Is Beethoven’s Fifth worth $5? If you like classical music, you’ll want to listen to and contribute to Eugene’s KWAX 91.1FM

If you like classical music, you’ll like KWAX Through Oct. 26, KWAX is raising money during their Fall Fundraiser – contribute painlessly: Call (541) 345-9451 or toll-free (877) 592-9911, or contribute online @ I love classical music, and my favorite radio station is Eugene’s 91.1 KWAX-FM. It’s an independent, non-commercial station, plays only classical … Read more

Web Round-up: Google Adwords, Social Media & a Website Workout

Beginner’s Guide to Google Adwords Settings – Search Engine Guide Blog "Have you ever wondered what all those setting are in your Google AdWords campaign? …. Let’s take a look at a few of those settings that play a large role in your campaigns success" 11 Guidelines to Social Media Success [SearchEngineWatch] "this post will … Read more

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