Antsaint’s Bloggers Challenge to support KWAX

When it comes to fundraising, it’s all about putting your own money where your mouth — or your blog — is. So I’d like to put a challenge out to the bloggers — because I’m betting there’s a lot of bloggers who love classical music and have $10 to contribute to a unique, independent radio station.

Recap: KWAX 91.1 FM is an independent, non-commercial, listener-funded, all-classical radio station based in Eugene but available worldwide (more here). Since KWAX is 100% listener-funded, they run 2 pledge drives each year to raise the money needed to operate the station. I’m a big fan of KWAX, and will be blogging about the station and the fundraiser through the end of the fall fund drive on Fri., Oct. 26.

Antsaint’s Bloggers Challenge
In addition to my regular contributions to KWAX, I will donate $50 if 5 bloggers will each pledge at least US$10 to the station by noon on Friday, Oct. 26. This challenge is open to bloggers anywhere in the world.

Here’s what you do

  1. Between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. PT, spare about 90 seconds. Seriously. These folks have got the process down
  2. Call (541) 345-9451 (Eugene/Springfield area) or toll-free (877) 592-9911. You can also donate (and listen) online, anytime
  3. Tell KWAX that you are are responding to Antsaint’s Bloggers Challenge (I’ll be calling the station to issue my challenge over the air too, so they’ll know what you’re talking about)
  4. Pledge at least US$10. The volunteer at KWAX will walk you through the options. BTW, they are very good about protecting privacy. Installment plans are also available, so if you’d like to make a larger pledge, you can break it down into interest-free monthly payments (I use this for my main pledge). Contributions are fully tax deductible to the extent of U.S. law.
  5. Leave a comment on this post with your name and blog to say that you responded (you don’t have to say how much you pledged, unless you really want to)
  6. Sit back, enjoy some fine classical music, and know you’ve helped keep a unique station on the air

That’s it. Pretty painless, right?

What’s a challenge?
The challenge is one of the main ways KWAX listeners get each other to send in pledges to the station. Someone calls up and says, "Hey, I’ll give you, oh, I dunno, $100, if you can get 10 pledges from people who… [insert requirement here]".

And the requirement can be pretty much anything. People may have to be "new members" who have never pledged. They can be dog lovers, cat lovers, federal employees, Beethoven fans, Mozart fans, people who’ve never ridden unicorns*, whatever. If you’re calling in the challenge, you name the terms. If the station — and the listeners — come through, you pony up the dosh, and help the station get closer to finishing their fundraiser.

* Yes, these are real challenges

Check out KWAX. If you like classical music, you’ll like this station. Whether or not you’re a blogger, I hope you’ll support the station. And bloggers, I hope you’ll help me and KWAX meet this Bloggers Challenge!

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