Got $31,000? Only 2 days left for KWAX fall fundraiser

As of 5 p.m. Wednesday evening, there’s about $31,000 left for Eugene classical music station KWAX to raise by Friday. As the DJ’s would say, "that means you have only 31 changes left to make a $1,000 pledge".

The fundraiser picks up Thursday morning at 9 a.m., with funny challenges, good music, and dollar by dollar closer to this station raising all the money needed to operate.

And you can help them out. Call (541) 345-9451 (Eugene/Springfield area) or toll-free (877) 592-9911

You can also get in on the Antsaint Blogger’s Challenge:

Antsaint’s Bloggers Challenge
In addition to my regular contributions to KWAX, I will donate $50 if 5 bloggers will each pledge at least US$10 to the station by noon on Friday, Oct. 26. This challenge is open to bloggers anywhere in the world.

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