Is Beethoven’s Fifth worth $5? If you like classical music, you’ll want to listen to and contribute to Eugene’s KWAX 91.1FM

If you like classical music, you’ll like KWAX

Through Oct. 26, KWAX is raising money during their Fall Fundraiser – contribute painlessly: Call (541) 345-9451 or toll-free (877) 592-9911, or
contribute online @

I love classical music, and my favorite radio station is Eugene’s 91.1 KWAX-FM. It’s an independent, non-commercial station, plays only classical music 24/7, and has a huge range of interesting programming.

BTW, I’m not affiliated with KWAX and am not receiving anything for this post. I’m just a blogging geek who loves classical music and is glued to their annual fund drive the way some guys are glued to the World Series.

Don’t live in Oregon? No worries – KWAX also broadcasts online, so you can listen anywhere in the world. In fact, the station recently took a donation from a supporter who listens online in Galway, Ireland.

If you like KWAX, you’ll like supporting it

What I like even more, is that the station is completely – 100%, totally, absolutely – listener-funded. I’ve been listening to KWAX since I moved to Eugene in 2000. My first few years here, money was pretty tight, but I would try to send in a small donation whenever I could. Now KWAX receives a regular contribution from me and Jodie.

KWAX is unique

I contribute to KWAX because I enjoy the station and understand how unique it is. I’ve traveled to a lot of places, and I’ve heard a lot of radio – but I’ve never heard a station quite like KWAX.

Most "classical" stations are commercial, or they’re a mix of NPR, classical and other formats. Nothing wrong with that, mind, but KWAX is unique in many ways:

  • No commercials
  • 24-hour classical music format
  • Plays entire works. They don’t play, say, the Ode to Joy from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, and then cut to a commercial, followed by a 5-minute segment of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. KWAX plays the entire work, from first note to finish.

Is Beethoven’s Fifth worth $5?

If you like classical music, and like listening to it whenever you want, KWAX is worth contributing to. Since the station is 100% listener-funded, financially supporting the station makes you like it even more. Personally, I feel a sense of connection and ownership by supporting KWAX. I know how unique KWAX is, and I want to make sure it stays on the air. If you listen to KWAX and like what you hear, you’ll want to support it too.

KWAX accepts contributions in any amount. The average gift is between $60-80, but they accept pledges from $5 into the thousands.

Pledging to KWAX is easy and painless

KWAX makes contributing easy and painless. They don’t have membership levels. They aren’t going to try to upsell your pledge. Heck, they don’t even want your pledge right away. There are also installment plans available, so if you wanted to make a larger pledge, you could spread it out over a period of time, instead of throwing down a big lump-sum.

Send in your pledge to KWAX

And listen

  • Listen online
  • On your radio dial:
    • Eugene, 91.1 KWAX
    • Redmond, 88.5 KWRX
    • Florence, 91.5 KWVZ
    • Salem 92.9
    • Newport 91.9
    • Reedsport 101.7
    • Bend 88.9
    • Sunriver 90.9

Stay Tuned

The fundraiser runs through Oct. 26. During the fundraiser, I plan on issuing a "blogger’s challenge" to the station’s supporters to raise more funds. Stay tuned to Antsaint or KWAX for more details.

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