Month: October 2007

Pomegranates Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Grocery

Let’s see… kalamata olives, dolmas, various rice dishes, general Middle Eastern and Mediterranean groceries… don’t even get me started on how Jodie and I crave such delicacies (especially the kalamata olives). Little did I know that for nearly a year now there’s been Pomegranates Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Grocery, right across from the Southtowne Shoppes … Read More

Marketing Profs Round-up

From how writing offline is now a lot like writing online, to a whiteboard demo of understaning RSS, Marketing Profs has some great articles for the marketing-hungry this week: The New Rules of Internet Marketing by Marketing Profs MP Classic: 10 Online Writing Concepts That Work Wonders Offline, Too by Marketing Profs Micro Branding—Macro Results … Read More

Reorganizing the family finances

Tonight I’ve been undertaking something that most would not consider fun. I’ve been reorganizing some financial files and statements and receipts and what-not. In hardly any time, my files have gone from disorganized, bulging and overflowing, to where I can find any scrap of paper needed. Here’s how: Get a dozen hanging files or manila … Read More

HTML Editor Reviews

Trying to find am HTML editor for Linux, Mac or Windows? Here are user reviews about available programs, from freebies to paid software. Personally, I’m a big fan of Homesite (Windows only) for HTML editing, with Stylespread for CSS editing. For the Mac, I’m still working on which program is my workhouse, though so far … Read More

5 Ways Google Analytics Can Help Increase Traffic to Your Website

I’m a big fan of Google Analytics, and found some good tips in here on leveraging all the info it gives webmasters: Link: 5 Ways Google Analytics Can Help Increase Traffic to Your Website. Everyone wants more web traffic! The place to start mining for traffic data is right in your own backyard: your free … Read More

What are the Tools You Can’t Live Without?

Ask The Readers: What are the Tools You Can’t Live Without? – Lifehacker. Great question: It’s amazing how much we can get done using the various fantastic tools that are available to us free and clear on the web—which brings me to the point of this post.What are the tools that you can’t live without? … Read More

Best slice of pizza in Eugene?

Sy’s, Mezza Luna and Bene all do some mean pizza. Now, my personal favorites are Pizza Research Institute and Tracktown, but I’ll give plenty of props to these guys too, especially for just a slice instead of a whole pie. Though thinking about a pizza from Bene’s is getting me drooling… Link: Any way they … Read More

Beer Bread & White Bean Soup

Some friends are coming for dinner on Saturday. While deciding what to make, I happened upon these two tasty-sounding recipes, courtesy of this post from Farmgirl Fare’s In My Kitchen Garden blog: Farmgirl Fare: Beyond Easy Beer Bread Recipe Farmgirl Fare: Garlic Lover’s White Bean Soup Recipe Both are easy recipes, and should cook up … Read More

StyleSpread CSS Editor usually $100, only $20 today only

Buy on Oct. 3 to save $81I’m not one to rave about products, but I will rave about Stylespread. I pulled down a trial copy at work earlier, went through the 5-minute hands-on demo and was hooked. $20 for this program is a ridiculous steal. Discount is good today only (Oct. 3) before going back … Read More

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