Making cannable fruit butters in the oven

Jodie and I have begun dabbling in some home canning. Our first experiment, a roasted tomatillo salsa, has turned out lovely, and at the very least has not killed us yet. Now we’re looking at other recipes, especially for next year, and these fruit butters, which you prepare in the oven before jarring and processing in a usual boiling water canner, really got my attention:

Link: Fall fruit butters preserve the season : The Register-Guard, Eugene, Ore..

if you’ve still got enough oomph to preserve, I’m all for it. Consider my classic fruit and pumpkin butters. There’s no butter in these butters, of course. But there is plenty of fruit (or pumpkin!), and a whole lot of flavor. So with a new crop of Northwest apples, pears and pumpkins, consider putting up a few batches of this old-fashioned treat as well

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