Extend the life of razor blades

Just bought a new pack of razor blades for my Mach 3, and I’ve always been on the hunt for ways to make the expensive buggers last longer while still cutting cleanly. Here is a treasure trove of tips to make razor blades last longer. With rinsing and blotting dry the blade after each use — and having a goatee, so only cheeks and underside of my face to shave — my Mach 3 blades last about a month, but I’d like to see if I can get some more out of that $15 for a pack of 8:

Link: How To: Extend the Life of Your Razor Blades.

Extending life of razor blades leaves users dry — chicagotribune.com

2 thoughts on “Extend the life of razor blades”

  1. I haven’t bought a razor in three years. I grew a full beard, and trim it weekly with a seventeen yr old hair clipper I bought at Wallgreen’s for cutting my sons’ hair. This summer I needed to replace the blades. I found them at Wal-mart, a package of two cutters for less than $10.00. I should now be set with beard trimming for the rest of my life.
    Have fun shopping. And drying your XXbladed Gillettes. I’m going to take my savings and buy Gillette stock and ride my motorcycle.

  2. Nice one. I tried growing a full beard once, but it was not pretty. The goatee is all my face will do, though keeping that trimmed has been pretty easy – I’ve got the same $20 trimmer I found at Target when I first grew the goatee (though it’s going to need to be serviced or replaced soon).
    The razors are a funny one. I somehow wound up getting a free Mach wotsit from Gillette, so all I’ve ever bought are razors. While I’m not crazy about the overall cost, I only go through one blade a month, so that helps.
    Have fun on your motorcycle – I’ll give you a wave once I’ve got my Ural Patrol!


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