Ogling Ural motorcycles in Salem – A trip to Raceway Services

Quick post, then I’m back to nursing an annoying cold…

Rolled up to Salem, OR, this past weekend to meet Jim Petitti, the main man behind Raceway Services. Raceway specializes in sales and service for the non-Harley, non-Japanese bike crowd. Looking for a Whizzer motorbike or Cushman? Want to go British and snag up a Royal Enfield? Or want to be really different and throw a leg over a Ural sidecar motorcycle? Then you’re at the right place.

Jim and I talked for about an hour and a half. Note "talked". Not, "Jim tried to sell me" or "Jim talked a lot of smack". No pressure, no oiliness sales talk, no B.S. We talked Urals and the motorcycle business, and I’m happy that I’ll be buying my bike from him.

Did I leave with a Ural? Couldn’t have. Jim says it’s been about two and a half years since he’d had Urals on the floor that you could buy and leave with. Every order he’s had, has been for a customer. In fact, the 2007 Gear-up I sat on was shipping out Monday for a delivery to Hawaii.

But I will be ordering mine by the end of the month.

Update, May 2008: I have my Ural! I took delivery of my forest green 2007 Ural Patrol on Feb. 16, 2008. It has been a blast. For trip stories, photos and the day-to-day of being a Ural motorcycle owner, see my Ural blog, Ride Three.com….

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