Month: January 2008

Eugene cafe that serves only non-alcoholic beverages?

Reader question – Mary asks: do you remember reading in the paper in the last couple of weeks an advertisement for a local cafe/pub that ONLY served non-alcoholic beverages? I can’t think of a place, or of an ad that was talking one up. Do you remember it? If so, please leave a comment below.

Maple Chile Chicken

Cinammon, chile, maple syrup and chicken? Now that’s what I call simple and good. Link: Recipe: Maple Chile Chicken | Hot Sauce Blog. this was an amazingly simple recipe with surprising results. The chicken has a pleasant sweetness to it that is enhanced by the chile powder. The hint of spice opens up your tastebuds … Read More

KLCC moves to downtown Eugene

I can’t really explain it, but there’s something about KLCC moving downtown that excites me. Maybe it’s something to do with a big local station being in the heart of town. Maybe it’s the open-door, walk in and have a tour policy. But I dig it. Could KLCC’s move downtown be another sign of life … Read More

Virtual Book Tours

The book tour is a traditional, yet often dreaded, part of any book release and marketing campaign. But the payoff is debatable, at best. You, the author, get to spend huge amounts of time on the road, away from home, sitting in bookstores, doing the occasional reading, meeting interesting people, and hoping for the best … Read More

Great titles & Moleskine notebooks at J. Michaels Books, Eugene, Oregon

Ah, J. Michaels Books. I don’t shop for books as often as I could. It keeps me sane (plus our shelves are already full). But in Eugene, if there’s one shop I would browse, and do occasionally purchase from, it’s the J. Michaels Books on Broadway between Oak and Pearl. From taoist philosophy to whenever … Read More

Newman’s Fish opens Coburg Road location

Don’t live near Willamette Street? You no longer have to go there to get your Newman’s fish fix. Fish n’ chips, fresh fish and prepared meals are now available from their new Coburg Road location: Link: Newman’s Fish opens second storefront: The Register-Guard, Eugene, Ore.. Newman’s Fish Co. — which dates to 1890 and has … Read More

My new Ural motorcycle blog – Ride Three

My new motorcycle is not here yet… but you have do something with all that pent-up anticipation. Starting another blog seemed a good idea as any. Here it is: Anthony’s Ural Sidecar Motorcycle Blog – A little history may help. In 2005 I really, really started jonesing for a motorcycle. I ogled, I researched, … Read More

Old Farrell’s will be a certified, bonafide Italian pizzeria

It’s official — the old Farrell’s ice cream place on 13th and Pearl is going to become not just an Italian pizzeria, but one of only 250 "certified true Italian pizzerias" in the entire world. As one astute pizza-loving Eugene gourmet put it, "I’m going to #$%&@ live there." Amen. Link: We all scream for … Read More

Adult violin lessons in Eugene … or, Jodie in the newspaper

Interesting article in Eugene’s Register-Guard today, on opportunities for adults to take violin, guitar and other music lessons here in Eugene, and about some of the challenges and opportunities adult music students face and have. It’s also interesting for me, I must admit, because Jodie Danenberg (a Eugene violin teacher and my fiancee) is quoted: … Read More

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