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The book tour is a traditional, yet often dreaded, part of any book release and marketing campaign. But the payoff is debatable, at best. You, the author, get to spend huge amounts of time on the road, away from home, sitting in bookstores, doing the occasional reading, meeting interesting people, and hoping for the best to sell a few books.

With websites, blogs, message boards and social media, it doesn’t have to be that way. This interesting Writers Weekly article gives the details on virtual book tours, and how they can pay off for promotions and sales of your book.

Link: Crank Up That Computer – Virtual Book Tours Are Here to Stay By C. Hope Clark.

Book tours have gone virtual, and authors spread their messages online to capture the most sales. A writer who does not have an online presence is no different from a writer who writes the book, sets it on a bookstore shelf and expects people to stumble upon it. You won’t make enough to pay for dinner

2 thoughts on “Virtual Book Tours”

  1. Anthony,
    Thanks for mentioning my article. VBTs are exciting. I’m attempting to sell my mystery book at the moment and have full intentions of marketing it 90% through VBT efforts.
    Hope Clark

  2. You’re welcome Hope, it was a very good read. I’ve wondered a lot just how effective the standard book tour was. It always seemed that with today’s technology, you can get far more out of websites, virtual book tours.
    Looking forward to tracking your progress and thoughts – are you doing a blog or anything on your experiences with the virtual book tour?


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