Nearly Healthy Calzone-Quesadilla

On Thursdays and Mondays, Jodie goes out knitting with the girls. I usually take these nights off cooking so as to have more time to drink coffee and work on some side projects. Tonight I whipped up a quick, slightly unhealthy yet very tasty calzone-quesadilla. It took about 5 minutes to work up this combo of greens, cheese and spicy meat, wrapped in a folded-over tortilla:


  • 1 tortilla
  • Enough pepperoni to layer 1-3 pepperonis deep on half the tortilla (I love pepperoni, so went 3 layers. Your mileage may vary)
  • Handful of arugula, spinach or other quick-wilting green leafy vegetable
  • Brown mustard
  • White sharp cheddar cheese, grated (or mozzarella, or monterey jack, whatever you have on hand)

Set a dry medium or large skillet to warm on medium heat. On tortilla, layer in pepperoni, then greens and mustard, and top with cheese. Fold over tortilla. Dry grill each side 1-3 minutes — keep an eye on the cooking side of the calzone-quesadilla to make sure it doesn’t burn or scorch. Enjoy — just watch out for pepperoni grease and napalm cheese.

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