Scientific Web Design: 23 Actionable Lessons from Eye-Tracking Studies

A fascinating series of tips eye-tracking study results came out last year. If you’re involved with the design and user-friendliness of websites in any way, the conclusions have something to teach you.

Link: Eye-Tracking Studies: 23 Actionable Lessons.

One finding in particular was most interesting to me. Graphics and video are important elements to a site’s design, but too
often text gets poo-pooed. Just because it’s a graphic, doesn’t mean
it’s the attention-getter:

“Text attracts attention before graphics. Contrary to what you might think, the first thing users look at on a website isn’t the images. Most casual users will be coming to your site looking for information, not images, so make sure your website is designed so that the most important parts of your text are what is most prominent.”

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