Booze & Espresso – correcting my coffee

A Christmas gift moka espresso pot has made me and Jodie even bigger fans of this stovetop style of espresso-making. But what I really love? When we’re in for the evening, whipping up some moka espresso, and doing what the Italians refer to as "correcting the coffee" (well, except probably in Italian). Or, in plain English, adding a wee dollop of booze. Jodie is partial to a wee slug of Bailey’s Irish Cream; for me, there’s nothing better than a bit of ameretto. Ah, yes, now we’re talking.

Do you correct your coffee? If so, with what? And what type of coffee?

2 thoughts on “Booze & Espresso – correcting my coffee”

  1. You knew I’d comment on this…
    Specifically, it’s called Caffè Corretto (or you can say it as a dorky American as “Cafe Corecto!” (emphasis required! 😉 More here:è_corretto
    Personally, it’s an extremely rare day that I do this. I just love espresso too much, but then again, maybe I haven’t had the right combination to really make it appealing. But, on those rare occasions, I tend to go with Tia Maria. Now, if it were egg nog…

  2. Yeah, I figured it’d be “bailey link bait”. Thanks for the Italian. I got the English phrase out of my How to Cook Everything, but the Italian wasn’t listed.
    Haven’t tried it with Tia Maria. Did try it with Drambuie, and it’s all right, but winds up a little too medicine-tasting. The amaretto has been a nice balance of sweetness and strong bitterness for me.
    Maybe we’ll get you to stoop to drinking some of our coffee and you can try correcting it 🙂


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