Build a Better To-do List (hint: do it now)

I wound up trying this today. There were a few tasks, none of them necessarily time-consuming, that I’d simply not been doing. I would note that they still needed to be done, and then skip right along to something else. You know how somethings would take less energy to just knock out and have done, instead of constantly going, "yup, that still needs doing"? These were all like that. So I finally did them. And yes, it was good.

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Rather than list tasks that you know you’ll get done today because you have the flames of hell toasting your buttocks or just adding stuff like “do laundry,” “buy new file folders,” and “organize paperclips,” write down the three tasks you’ve been putting off. Go on, try it. The tasks can be anything, personal or business-related, as long as they’re creating even the vaguest sense of dread in your stomach

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